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Haley | 21 | ♀ | Minnesota | Asexual

Nice to meet you!
I'm an Art History major and Fine Art minor at Saint Cloud State University.
(Go huskies!)
I also have an associates degree in Graphic Design from RCTC.

I'm a cosplayer, artist, photographer, busy busy busy college student, and nice person! Feel free to talk to me if you'd like.

Everyone has six names.

1. Your Real name: Nicole

2. Your detective name (Favorite color and favorite Animal): Purple Cheetah

3. Your soap opera name (middle name and street you live on): Shelley Hunter

4. Your Star wars name (first three letters of last name, first two of middle name, first two of first, last three of last): Loushniuie

5. Superhero name (color of your shirt, first item to your immediate left): Purple Umbrella

6. Goth name (Black and one of your pets): Black Does-not-exist

1. Your Real Name: Haley

2. Your Detective Name: Blue Squirrel

3. Your soap opera name: Elizabeth 7th Avenue

4. Your star wars name: Bicelhaice

5. Your superhero name: Blue Hairbrush

6. Your goth name: Black Norah 

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    Your real name: Delia your detective name (favourite colour and favourite animal): Indigo Phoenix your soap opera name...
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    Your real name: Megan your detective name (favourite colour and favourite animal): Violet Tiger your soap opera name...
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