The Corruption Test

















21. I’m so hardcore

154 someone lock me up and throw away the key

i ermm..

4 (rebeel!)

108, “above average” lol

118. How the hell did someone manage to get 4?!


34! I barely make their scale! Woohoo!

166 soo uhh…should I be taken out back and shot?

Apparently you’re a danger to society, Todd.


169 - suck it, Todd!


131 - op


Orgasms increase your score. What is wrong with orgasms?

116. Above average. Well okay.

28. Hrm.

101. Drugs is literally the only reason why I’m not near 200. I bet you anything.

8, so innocent. ^-^

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    did this again and scored 159 thats a pretty big jump
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    20. Welp, my life needs to start getting exciting…..
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    11….. mayyybe that should like change and stuff
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    110. not bad haha
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    69 no joke….
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    42 im still a babby
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    46. whatevz i’m okay with that.
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    115. How did you get such low scores omg
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    11 :P
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    130 holy mother of god.
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    61 -cough- I’m normal..
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    21. -shrug-
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    37… Innocent little boy right here. haha
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    got 130. OH. FUCK.
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    Well. I got 83 when I first did this eight months ago, but I’ve just done it again and now it’s 108. :/ I still don’t...
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    21. Might as well be in the womb XD I’m a good girl.
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    I got 90. …er.
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    oh wow only 68 where are all the questions about crimes!
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    159, my god….
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    1… Huh.
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    211  Probably because their was more girl ones.
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    hahhaha no I win Your score: 200
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    56 from sex acts and I too have only been with one person (in a way… hehe) :P suck it
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    I’m not sure if this is a sign that I’m ‘good’ or just really boring.
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    10. Christ I’m weaksauce. But go figure, I ticked none of the drugs or heavy drinking options. Though how is going on a...
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    124 oh my god D;
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    13 O.o I had to skip all the drugs, drinking, and sex ones cuz I’m the ultimate shame of a highschool student… XD lol XD
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    74. Im average.
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    45  I had to skip all the drug and alcohol sections, I am a shame of a high school student.
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    2 okay good
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    2. :3 I am the inocent one. It is me.
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    2. I’m a real badass.
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    8, so innocent. ^-^