A thistle or another type of flower/weed uprising from the back of a crumbling spider.

What do you see?

Why do I see two flying baby carriages off to the sides?

I see a complex sort of land mass. The center is what is supposed to fly, the two wings on the sides are land wings. The top pay be a tree of some sorts, while the disconnected parts are birds or bugs that hold up this mass.

this looks like that bunny from Donnie Darko.

a poodle head and a chicken flying around a rose thats being held up by the backs of two horses’ heads and below those heads are two people in baggy shirts with outstretched hands as if they are happy about soemthing

A mature lady looking through a looking glass but it makes her look much more older than she is at the current moment.

i think it looks like a bear.

They just look like blobs, I don’t see a definable pattern

A shota and his twin demon lovers.

But then again, I see shotas everywhere.

I see two dragons, in love, leaning off opposing sides of broken cliff towards eachother, and a winged demon guardian of the realm pushing the cliffs apart. ]

I take back everything I ever said about me not being creative. ]

two cackling witches and some sort of raven or bird, also the shape behind their heads could be chickens. Or is the raven their feet kicking at each other? huh.

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    the two top pictures on the side look like old people from the past with bonnets or whatever that thing on their head is...
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    I see Bane from Batman. WOO HOO
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    A humanoid plant standing at a crossroad in a forest
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    A rose that has: (1) a guy and a girl around it, (2) lungs attached to it, (3) a small town underneath it
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    (a fountain with baby carriages falling from the sky)
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    now i see an abstract clown pokemon shadow
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    Skull with puffy cheeks grinnin like a foo
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    two skelletons goat like facing eachother, holding “hands” while smiling
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    Demon smiling
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    I see… a new pokemon. e______e
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    two cackling witches and some sort of raven or bird, also the shape behind their heads could be chickens. Or is the...
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    I… I first saw a lobster. :’D
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    For some reason I see a Schnauzer that needs some dental work I mean what
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    Two demons, facing each other, holding hands, and laughing.
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    two guys with hats and only a few teeth laughing at each other over a board game
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    I see a bear. Like… A grizzly bear’s face.I’ve heard that what you see in these ink blots is based on your mental state....
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    I see a dog about to bite me 0.0
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    While we’re Rorschach-ing? A pretty butterfly. Some nice flowers.
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    A Rorshach blot. Why? What were you expecting me to see? Seriously. I look at these things and I only ever go “well… it...
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    You guys are friggin’ weird. I see a gunslinging flower.
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    i see like an angry joker face, with a toilet top hair cut and gapped teeth. Am I fucked?
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    Horse face.
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    I see masses of land and water
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    … some ginger or a turnip with two blobs…
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    Aristocratic lady in a bustle dress with petticoat, wearing a feathered headress, poofy sleeves, and has some sort of...
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    skull shaped thing,...demon. cuddlyxmedics: A thistle or another type
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    Some fancy tattoo with skull and heart
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    I see a winged creature struggling to hold the darkness up while two seahorses are kissing. I’m assuming most of these...
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    An evil dog with white patches.
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    An angry lion
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    evil faces that look like they both have erections and are showing eachother them
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    … Okay guys. I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a Scrafty with boxing gloves :|a
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    I see a scorpion.
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    Well tbh it’s just a few black splatters on a white background.
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    A lady with a huge rose on her head and sleeves as leaves, with a city just upside down under her skirt, with invisible...
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    Lol I thought it was spotting out shapes of pokemon at first lol
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