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Haley | 21 | ♀ | Minnesota | Asexual

Nice to meet you!
I'm an Art History major and Fine Art minor at Saint Cloud State University.
(Go huskies!)
I also have an associates degree in Graphic Design from RCTC.

I'm a cosplayer, artist, photographer, busy busy busy college student, and nice person! Feel free to talk to me if you'd like.







norwegian anthem

Sighman’s penis yum

There was a terrible defeat of the Prussians and they retreated from the town. It was one of the worst losses Prussia had ever had.

Heh, RP reference stuffs.

أُحب أَبى


In the back of his mind, he realized how petty it was to be getting so irritated over such a minor thing, considering how many other, bigger, issues he had a right to be pissed off about, but frustration and hurt and half a dozen other conflicting emotions were bubbling up, so rationality was kicked to the wayside.

(ah, rearranging paragraphs :|a)  


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