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Haley | 21 | ♀ | Minnesota | Asexual

Nice to meet you!
I'm an Art History major and Fine Art minor at Saint Cloud State University.
(Go huskies!)
I also have an associates degree in Graphic Design from RCTC.

I'm a cosplayer, artist, photographer, busy busy busy college student, and nice person! Feel free to talk to me if you'd like.












I’m getting better at anatomy which I am proud of! :D

I can draw circles 

(I can pick up a pen.)

i can draw cute girls and boobs

//I can make people cry

(( ….Bewbs. and people say I draw legs nicely idk :/ ))


I’m proud of the way I draw hair :D

And I’m pretty good at horror writing, I think

Well despite how horrible I am at both art and writing, I think they’re beautiful. :D Or awesome, awesome’s a better way to say. =u=

((BECAUSE I CAN. I like my open hands. Not when they’re closed around something though. xD

I like writing darker stuff because I feel like I can get inside the bad person’s head pretty easily and draw out that eerie feeling further.))

[[I think I’m pretty good at going into details with the little things, like affectionate things or things that you don’t matter but will eventually. I’m such a fluff queen, I could write an entire fic about two people just sitting in bed and cuddling orz]]

I like that… I may not be able to do half of the things I want to with my art, but that allows me to surprise myself when something turns out well and to learn how to make my art better and grow as an artist ^-^

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    I like to think I’m pretty good at inventing characters.
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    I’m proud that people enjoy my fanfictions and leave good reviews. And that I have the bravery to actually post my stuff...
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    I’m proud that I can get good reviews on my fanfictions that I write when I feel the mood too. And that I’m able to work...
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    I’m proud of the way I write to a word count. Drabbles, 221b fics, short short stories - I can usually fit a lot into a...
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    I like how I vary in style, so I really have no single style.
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    I’m proud that some of my paintings look realistic to the degree that I’m satisfied with them.
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    I’m proud that I never give up even if I want to sometimes.
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    i like how i’m good at sensory writing; making readers feel everything my character feels in needlepoint detail
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    well i am in work of my story but i like it so far
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    The fact that I know the difference between you’re and your, their, there, and they’re, and ‘s.
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    I’m proud that my art style is improving greatly due to the MLP fandom. Just seeing all these popular artists encourages...
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    OK TRYING THIS ONE MORE TIME! So after some thought, I gotta say that no matter how bad or messy my art or writing is,...
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    art: im better than stick figures at least
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    I suppose that it would be my talent for character depth. Even when I make up a new character on the fly, they’ve always...
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    I’m just a writer, but I guess what I’m proud of is my ability to create images. Lately I’ve been working really hard on...
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    This is a beautiful idea! I put a lot of thought into my characters. If I don’t care about a character, I work with...
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    Writing: I’ve always liked how I’ve been able to capture how people FEEL. I’m a very emotionally driven writer and I...
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    In art, I’m proud of character’s expressions...faces, and I love my linearts. Sometimes...
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    I like that… I may not be able to do half of the things I want to with my art, but that allows me to surprise myself...
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    Hmmm well I have two games that use music as the main focus their both sidescrollers however the system and how each...
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    can’t always nail lines...I’m definitely proud...spend...
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    I like that I can make people feel things. That I can (sometimes) channel characters into my writing, and that I have my...
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    I like how my essays manage to move people
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    i love how most of my drawings are adorable somehow i mean i like cute things really!! and i really really love drawing...
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    Writing: I’m getting better at adding more description, but not too much. I’m really good with colors and shading...
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    writing: critics/readers say i’ve made them cry, so im proud of that?
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